Octarr is an endless 3D array system based on an octree. While working on a Godot project, I needed a way to easily store voxels in an otherwise polygonal world. This seemed like an interesting solution and an opportunity to understand how octrees work.

Soon enough I had a working iteration and could place voxel blocks in the world. The green lines show used octree nodes. Unlike multidimensional or jagged arrays, Octarr is memory friendly. You can write a data block at the 2^64 coordinate and not run out of memory. That was the main obstacle which I managed to overcome using this system.

To find a block placed at a 2^64 coordinate it takes roughly 64 octree node lookups (logarithmic complexity). A block placed that far begins to cause floating point precision errors in the debug rendering.

Feel free to check out the project's repository on GitHub!

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